The Challenge:

Break away from traditional engagement points

Knowing that Vocollect’s target audience is constantly on the move, rarely at a desk, and always short on time, we knew that mobile could be a great opportunity to break through the clutter and earn some of their valuable time. If we were going to engage them, we had to create something that was different, easy to use, and could quickly deliver substantial answers to the business challenges they face every day.

The Solution:

Deliver valuable content as well as industry insight

We proposed that Vocollect create an iPad app. It was the perfect way to introduce the company in an innovative way, and provide a high-value vehicle for continued engagement. The app was architected to include valuable Vocollect content, as well as tools to help prospects and the Vocollect sales team explore potential ROI together.

We promoted the app through targeted email campaigns and print ads. In effect, every download created a qualified prospect - and the opportunity to continue the conversation, by delivering app updates and enhancements over time.

  • Case Studies, White Papers and Videos:

    From influencers to decision makers, the Vocollect app contained the answers to everyone’s questions, addressed relevant pain points, and discussed important business challenges.

  • ROI Forcaster:

    The interactive forecaster gave prospects the chance to see potential savings using the prospects’ actual business scenario and numbers, providing a first step in building a solid business case for Vocollect.

  • eBook Library:

    Pushing new and updated content to the app’s library provided Vocollect with a low-cost way to continually engage prospects, nurturing relationships through valuable content.

Brand Action:

Generating new leads and deepening existing relationships

The Vocollect iPad app transformed traditional marketing conent into a door-opening, lead-generating, sales machine – literally. Over 70% of prospects we initially engaged with the new app scheduled a sales meeting.

“We knew we needed outside-the-box thinking to drive customer engagement and acquisition. Garfield gave us more than a valuable sales tool; they gave us the ‘wow’ factor.”

Scott Deutsch, Director of Global Marketing
Vocollect by Honeywell