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The Challenge:

Express a great brand in a new, dynamic way

Vertex was at an exciting point in their growth as they neared completion of the groundbreaking Vertex Enterprise platform. They felt the moment was right to re-imagine their logo and brand identity to reflect their innovative vision for the transformation of Tax, and appeal directly to senior level tax executives at global multinationals.

Vertex challenged Garfield to develop a brand that would communicate their core attributes: credibility, innovation, sophistication, and trust. Vertex wanted a brand that proved it was a bigger, bolder company with exciting offerings ready to serve a higher level, more complicated audience, yet still remained a company that understands Corporate Tax’s sensibilities and is always one you can trust.

The Solution:

A bold new identity

The new mark we created conveys a sense of movement and innovation that is complementary to the strengths of the Vertex company. A strong, global leader that understands and cares deeply about its customers. It’s an identity that stands out in the tax and financial technology industries, while also creating pride within the ranks of Vertex.

  • The logo that was:

    The old Vertex logo had a unique design aesthetic, but was considered rather dated and not able to carry the company into the new era of Vertex Enterprise.

  • The new logo:

    The new mark conveys movement and innovation—from a trusted, strong, and global brand.

  • Ready for the U.S. Open:

    We launched the new brand in time for a huge public debut.

  • Vertex everywhere:

    The new Vertex mark was placed on everything from campus signage and business cards to hats, shirts, umbrellas, lapel pins, and even water bottles.

Brand Action:

Launch at the U.S. Open

Internally, the new brand launched to great acclaim and fanfare. A week later, it was introduced in a very public way at the 2013 U.S. Open, held in their home town of Philadelphia. As a corporate sponsor, Vertex proudly showed off their new brand to both existing and new multinational customers. Response was extremely positive, and several new strategic relationships and customer engagements quickly followed.

“Our new logo provides a sophisticated, global statement to the customers, partners, and markets we serve. Garfield rose to the challenge, partnering with us to deliver the innovation we needed, on an extremely aggressive timeline, with a shared purpose and passion for excellence."

Alex Smith, VP, Communications and Public Affairs
Vertex, Inc.

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