Red Plus

The Challenge:

Coming together to better serve customers

Both RedCard and Pay-Plus had their roots in healthcare payments, but as they combined forces, a new story emerged. It was important that the new brand and website explain the specifics of the new RedPlus offering, and most importantly, communicate the main business benefits and economic value.

The Solution:

A simple site to explain a complex story

Both RedCard and Pay-Plus are well-known in the TPA industry, lead by highly-respected industry pioneers. Leveraging the reputations of these executives, we created a scrolling, narrative-style site that tells the new RedPlus story in their own words. This lent instant credibility to the new RedPlus brand, while explaining how the combined powers of RedCard and Pay-Plus could come together to the benefit of TPAs. 

  • Two brands converge:

    The two brands were married in a style that preserved parts of their existing identities.

  • Responsive, scrolling site design:

    The site’s responsive design supported our desire to reach the largest audience possible—creating a compelling experience on every device.

  • Why use quotes?

    The incorporation of executive quotes and client testimonials capitalized on existing name recognition and told the full partnership story.

  • In-line CMS:

    With two independent marketing groups playing active roles in site creation and maintenance, we developed in-line editing capabilities to avoid extensive CMS training or IT involvement.

Brand Action:

Convert visitors into customers

Through the responsive design, the story was told to the widest of audiences. Site visitors navigated their way through the narrative and responded positively to both the site's design and message. In the end, Pay-Plus and RedCard came together once more—to express their satisfaction with the site and the impact in the industry.