We helped tell the transformational story of “Person-Centered Care.”

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The Challenge

Focusing healthcare on the needs of people, not institutions

Planetree is a non-profit organization that works with hospitals, health systems, ministries of health and health-related NGOs around the world to promote person-centered care as a model for improving quality of health and services. Through their Person-Centered Care Certification Program, they’ve established a performance framework that establishes the systems and processes needed to shift the culture of care delivery to emphasize what matters most to patients and families during a healthcare episode.

At a time when patient-focused care is on the rise (as well as competitive for-profit consultants) Planetree came to Garfield for a rebrand to more clearly tell their Certification story — making it less academic and more human — as well as reach more global decision-makers.

The Solution

A rebrand and a new website

To begin the process, Garfield took Planetree through a comprehensive discovery process— focusing in on key audience personas, messages and competitive positioning. The goal was to engage more prospective hospitals in to the buyers’ journey — developing interest and promoting information gathering. We also wanted to make the certification process less complex and cumbersome, giving hospitals and providers a faster, easier “on ramp.”

In addition to new messaging, positioning and a creative brand expression, we launched a new website that would change the way the certification story came to life. Through a new UX and IA and use of videos, news, and case studies as well as HubSpot marketing automation, we developed new email drip campaigns and integrated with SalesForce for engagement and lead tracking.

  • Garfield designed new case studies that emphasized the benefits of person-centered care.

  • The new Certification Criteria PDF was designed to explain certification in a simpler way, and position it to be both attractive and achievable.

  • These infographics showcase the benefits of person-centered care.  We designed them to be used in multiple ways: as a resource on the website, and for sales to use to promote certification.

  • This “path to certification” infographic created a more engaging, informational  experience – something sales needed and prospects loved!

  • The Planetree Certification brand was implemented across a variety of marketing pieces, including this new sales brochure.

The Brand Action

Increased form submissions and criteria downloads

Through the new site, Planetree saw an increased interest in their Person-Centered Care certification they hadn’t seen before. In a years time span we saw:

  • 166 contact form submissions
  • 197 criteria PDF downloads
  • Average sessions duration increase to nearly two minutes
  • Users engaged with more than two pages per session

"In Planetree’s work, we challenge clients to transform the traditional healthcare dynamic where the physician is the expert and the patient is the passive beneficiary of the doctor’s expertise. It consistently holds true: to achieve a quality health outcome, you need this type of collaborative approach. We view our strategic partnerships through this same lens. In The Garfield Group, we found a partner who brought considerable expertise. But they were also very open to learning from us. They listened not just to respond, but to understand our needs and concerns. The result is a quality outcome that is driving interest, action and change that is transforming healthcare."

Alan Manning, Executive Vice President

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