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The Challenge:

Sending a Clear Brand Signal in the Noisy Video Advertising Industry

It should come as no surprise that at Garfield, there’s a special place in our heart for ad tech — so we relished the opportunity to work with Pixability, a video advertising platform so forward-thinking as to be visionary.

Founded in 2008, Pixability broke ground when YouTube was still young, realizing the incredible marketing potential the streaming service offered brands — particularly when paired with data-driven insights and SEO. Since then, the platform has evolved several times as more and more video services emerged, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


Meet Your Meatball

With their finger squarely on the pulse of industry trends, Pixability has always led the competition in innovation and user experience, solving Digital Media Planners' pain points while giving them exciting analytics gains to bring back to their brands. Pixability’s proprietary dashboard crunches the data, then displays it in meaningful, easy-to-understand analytics, purpose built for media planners to gain valuable business insights.

In short, Pixability makes brands, and their champions, look good — but communicating their distinction in a crowded space, full of countless video advertising also-rans, was a challenge. While Pixability empowers media planners to find (and reach) very specific audience types in a vast sea of online video, with more precision and accuracy than the other players in the market, they needed a powerful way to articulate that advantage.

The client summarized their challenge in a way that resonated perfectly with our foodie sensibilities: “We need to be the meatball in the Italian wedding soup of video advertising.”

Yum. Also, challenge accepted.


The Solution:

A Killer Brand Strategy to Match a Killer Product.

Marketing and advertising work best when you can back up great creative with a great product — and from our research into Pixability’s platform, as well as our interviews with their C suite, marketing team, and most importantly, their customers, it was clear we weren’t selling sand in the desert. Their algorithm, robust suite of features, and ease of use were all clear differentiators. We just needed to tap into the psyches of the young media buyers and find a way to evangelize that value.


A Prescription for Marketers’ Pain Points

Pixability told us they wanted to talk to the media buyers directly, not their brands — showing a genuine empathy for the challenges of keeping up with the quickly moving target that is advertising tech, particularly in the video space. We conducted our research with this in mind, identifying the frustrations of navigating video advertising:

  • Video marketing is complex, with new players and platforms seemingly emerging every day
  • The busy schedule of a marketing manager or media buyer doesn’t leave much room for conquering learning curves and keeping up with industry changes
  • Buying is only the first step — after which, marketers must learn the tool, make it play nice with the other apps they’re using, then define and hit their KPIs

We also identified some of the ways customer behavior was evolving across several key demographics — millennials, for example, were rapidly turning to video to research potential purchases, bypassing dedicated site search engines like Google.

From this, we devised a three-pronged brand mantra, an elevator pitch, and a pyramid of brand attributes to inform Pixability’s messaging and marketing strategy. It was then time to give the brand a nice fresh coat of paint.


A Dynamic Brand for Dynamic Video Marketers

Can a simple statement tell a story about a constantly evolving brand, one that solves a complex problem with an elegant platform addressing a long list of multichannel marketing needs? We certainly thought so.

Introducing a sharp new Pixability, whom we affectionately call Pixa, “Your Digital Video Insiders.” When it comes to finding that niche audience amongst the millions, these are the people you turn to — the ones who know the video world inside and out.

We started by creating a new logo, one that would reflect  their “digital insider” brand story — solving a complex problem in a constantly evolving landscape. The new logo also spoke to Pixa’s ability to identify those specific, hard-to-find, hard-to-reach audiences in the vast world of digital video. We then developed an equally bold, but complementary campaign. Comprising both print and digital executions, the campaign married up Pixability’s benefits with digital video stars that resonate with their prime audience

  • LEFT: While Michelle puts her face on, we expose your campaign to a beautifully targeted audience. Master complex targeting and run highly targeted, multi-platform campaigns with ease. RIGHT: As Matt whines, ad buyers rave about our integrated platform. Pixability.

    The first execution featured YouTube makeup megastar Michelle Phan to communicate the elegance of Pixability’s targeted campaign management capabilities. In the second, Star of BuzzFeed’s “Whine About It” Matt Bellassai accompanies an ad promoting Pixability’s integrated media management platform.

  • LEFT: With endless channels, audiences, and possibilities, it’s good to have someone on the inside. RIGHT: As these guys show everything in slow-mo, we show the KPIs of your campaigns in real time-o. Now you can optimize your multi-channel campaigns as often as you want all on one platform. Pixability.

    In the first ad execution, we focused on communicating Pixability’s identity and value proposition as a digital video insider. The second leverages the Streamy Award Winning Slow Mo Guys to contrast the real-time campaign performance visibility Pixability offers its users.

The Brand Action

A Look That Stands Out As Much As Its Product

To quote the classic Alka Seltzer ad, “Mama mia, that’s a spicy meatball!” We had a lot of fun with this project, and Pixability was excited to debut their new look and messaging to a growing audience. While we can never take all the credit for Pixability’s success — their platform is as advanced as their team is passionate — since our work with the brand, they’ve landed a spot on the Inc. 500 List of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. We’re just proud we could play some small role in their exciting story, helping to make them look as awesome as they are.


“In an industry as competitive and fast-paced as video advertising, it’s critical to nail down your marketing strategy and make it shine — especially considering that skilled marketers are your audience and buyers. Needless to say, we set the bar high for Garfield Group, but they cleared it by doing their homework, showing incredible creativity, and working with us as true partners from start to finish.”

Rob Ciampa
CMO, Pixability

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