Opportunity Finance Network

The Challenge:

Introduce an inspiring brand story

In the United States, millions of people continue to experience social, economic, and political injustice. Opportunity Finance is a movement that aligns capital with justice; they believe that all people have the right to opportunity—the opportunity to improve their own lives, and the lives around them.

A leader in social innovation, Opportunity Finance Network (OFN) is a national network of more than 200 CDFI members across the U.S. that provides financing for low-income, low-wealth, and other disadvantaged people who do not have access to affordable, responsible financial products and services. OFN came to Garfield with a challenge—elevate their brand to reach a much broader consumer audience and create a bold online experience that drives engagement and action.

The Solution:

Strong content and even stronger calls to action

Our strategy: Organize the OFN story online around three provocative calls to action: Learn. Join. Lead. This would immerse users in the brand content, connect them to a higher purpose and make an emotional connection. We would also bring their core mission, “aligning capital with social justice,” to life in a new rallying cry, “Opportunity. For All.”

  • The full-screen experience:

    Right from the start, a compelling photo and bold statement are front and center, immediately describing who OFN is and what they believe in.

  • Images with meaning:

    The use of real and emotional imagery across the site expresses the brand promise of Opportunity Finance.

  • Using a masonry grid:

    Users can quickly find the stories that interest them, providing a deeper understanding of the OFN brand story and the ways that they can get involved.

  • Responsive design:

    The site’s responsive design allows for an optimal user experience on any screen or any device.

  • Navigation that encourages exploration:

    The drop-down menu allows for easy navigation anywhere on the site—encouraging exploration and discovery.

Brand Action:

A site that tells a story and inspires an industry

OFN’s new website, OFN.org, expresses the CDFI industry in a way that shifts the lens from being a definition (what we do) to an emotion (why we do it). In a simple way, the brand and website demonstrate how CDFIs see the world differently. The new site also provides a “full screen” optimized experience across all screen sizes: desktop, smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Additionally, it uses a custom CMS allowing content to be managed and deployed easily and quickly. The new brand and site launched at the 2013 OFN annual conference to rave reviews and has spurred a lot of industry discussion about the importance of a strong, disruptive digital brand experience.

“Our new brand and website have changed the game, giving us an innovative platform to excite more people about the Opportunity Finance movement. Garfield has been our creative partner on this amazing brand journey. They are all rock stars.”

Lina Page, Executive Vice President, Strategic Communications
Opportunity Finance Network