The Challenge:

reinvigorate and relaunch the NextDocs brand.

NextDocs is a leading provider of software that helps pharma, biotechs and CROs manage the all-important “last mile” of the clinical trial process — submission of data and documentation to the FDA for approval. NextDocs’ eTMF (Electronic Trial Master File), Compliance and Quality solutions create, track and organize hundreds of thousands of documents, and keep the entire process on time, on budget, and in compliance.

NextDocs came to Garfield at a time when they were facing a number of changes — new competitors, new technologies, and a set of new industry dynamics.

Our job? Develop a unified brand campaign and go-to-market message for NextDocs, and a new website that would act as a central “marketing hub” that could engage, educate and generate leads.

  • The campaign creative introduced the new brand, lead visually by a brand-yellow arrow cutting across imagery of antiquated compliance and management techniques

  • We produced brochures, one sheets, battle cards, and other collateral that played an integral role in NextDocs’ business and sales. 

  • The new site was architected to focus on the buying journey of the Director of Clinical Operations and the Director of IT

The Solution:

“Advancing” NextDocs

We began with a detailed discovery process which included interviews with key NextDocs executives as well as customers and analysts. As we examined NextDocs’ strengths, we uncovered a key insight: while many in the industry see compliance and documentation as a lower-level “file clerk” function, NextDocs sees it as an opportunity to deliver a competitive advantage.  Going beyond the automation of existing workflows, NextDocs consults with their clients, re-engineering their processes and workflows for greater speed and performance.

“NextDocs. Advancing the Science of Compliance.” Our new brand campaign emphasizes NextDocs’ ability to go beyond mere documentation to deliver meaningful process improvements which save time, save money, and reduce risk. It positions NextDocs as a company that aspires to elevate the compliance function to a science — always innovating and looking for ways to drive higher collaboration and performance.

The new NextDocs website was designed to engage decision-makers (such as Clinical Trial Directors and IT Management) at each stage of their buying journey, delivering relevant content to generate a pipeline of qualified leads. Marketo was incorporated into the site build — with dynamic content modules that allows NextDocs to serve progressive content pieces that lead visitors to return to the site throughout the sales process. In the end, we delivered a website that was a flexible, informative, responsive, and streamlined hub of all-things NextDocs.


The Garfield Group team really helped us harness our brand strengths and reach exactly who we needed to reach with a solid brand message. More than that, ‘Advancing the Science of Compliance’ has become a true rally cry for us - internally and externally.