Luksusowa Vodka

The Challenge

Introduce a premium vodka brand to Philadelphia

Luksusowa Vodka, a premium potato vodka from Poland (in fact, Luksusowa means “luxury” in Polish), wanted to increase its brand’s visibility on the east coast, so it launched a special initiative in Philadelphia to bring Luksusowa’s “Manly Guide” to life while honoring No-Shave-November.  Luksusowa looked to Garfield to help kick things off at a party at The Fillmore - a badass new venue in Philly’s Fishtown - with appearances from local celebrity chefs and cocktail connoisseurs to attract partygoers, bearded men, and, most importantly, local media.


The Solution

A beyond-the-inbox media and community relations campaign

Working in partnership with Bolide Communications’ Craig Alperowitz, our public relations team dove in to define what made Luksusowa’s event unlike any other. We enlisted Christian Gaal and Phoebe Esmon, a dynamic drink-creating duo from Bar Emmanuelle, and Tommy Up, the burger genius behind PYT Burger, to spark interest amongst local media and partygoers. The charitable cause of No-Shave-November and the event’s contribution to the Testicular Cancer Foundation gave us a unique twist. We held a “Best Beard” competition and raised money for the cause with Luksusowa’s donation of one dollar for every inch of beard in attendance, and we also leveraged Philly’s most famous bearded icon, Walt Whitman, as poetic inspiration for signature drinks.

After reaching out to local journalists and influencers, we armed ourselves with bottles of Luksusowa and took to the road - providing contacts with a sample of the vodka along with a media invitation. The invite included a set of the event’s signature drink recipes which celebrated Luksusowa’s flavors along with the works of the wonderfully bearded Walt Whitman through poetic names and flavors. These hand-delivered media invitations “spiked” the traditional pitch process with an offer to kick back, relax, and enjoy a taste of the celebration to come - all for a good cause.

The Brand Action

Money and Awareness Raised for a Good Cause and a Good Time

Our media and community relations campaign surpassed every goal Luksusowa set out to achieve. We raised over $3,000 for the Testicular Cancer Foundation by donating one dollar for every inch of beard in attendance, and the winner of the event’s “Best Beard” contest earned a feature interview with Philly Weekly. Many of our target contacts attended the celebration, and we landed twenty earned media placements including features on the local ABC affiliate’s Action News and’s “Things to Do” blog. Check out more of our coverage below:

“I turned to Garfield Group when I needed to generate media coverage for an event I was handling for Luksusowa Vodka, and I'm glad I did. Not only did the team deliver outstanding coverage that exceeded every expectation but they were incredibly professional and fun to work with - making for an overall terrific experience.”

Craig Alperowitz
Bolide Communications