The Challenge:

Create a brand campaign for Lotame.

Today, advertisers don’t buy media, they buy audiences. Lotame’s unifying DMP (Data Management Platform) collects web and mobile behaviors, and predictive analytics across all devices and platforms, defines higher-valued segments, and then activates them to create more precise targeting for marketers, and higher CPM for publishers. Lotame is helping to lead the “Big Data Revolution” which is challenging advertisers and publishers to completely rethink the way they buy and sell media.

The Lotame team asked Garfield to come up with a brand campaign that would help them stand out and stand apart in a hotly contested field. After interviewing customers and prospects, and analyzing the competitive landscape, we surfaced a key insight that Lotame’s greatest strength is their ability to guide their customers to success. Beyond technology, customers need a partnership with a team that knows the way.

  • New Brand

    The new brand features Lotame experts, and the bold, innovative ways they use audience data to improve targeting and advertising for their clients.

  • Storytelling

    Ads and sales materials utilize infographics, case histories and real-world evidence to bring a simple, fresh look to a complex story.

  • New Content

    New brochures, ebooks, and whitepapers educated and intrigued potential new customers on the ways Lotame can improve their audience reach, engagement, CPM and optimize their advertising ROI.

  • Digital Advertising

    Promoting Lotame’s partnership with Twitter, we took to the digital and social streets, driving new prospects to relevant content, generating qualified leads.

Brand Action:

Big Data Sherpas lead the way to a new age of audience engagement.

The new Lotame brand features “Big Data Sherpas” making honest, bold statements about the challenges ahead, and how Lotame drives client success.  It grabs attention by educating readers on the opportunities of audience-driven engagement and how it improves business performance for advertisers, marketers and publishers. The new campaign theme has been rolled out across a refreshed website, sales materials and digital ad placements, setting the stage for continued growth in 2015.

“The team at Garfield has been both responsive and extremely effective in helping us educate and engage our audiences. Our brand now communicates both our leading edge technology and dedication to our clients’ success in a bold and innovative way.”

Kevin Kohn, Chief Revenue Officer