We helped introduce ApplePay into healthcare.

Public Relations


The Challenge

Leverage the Apple brand to reinforce a leadership position in a fast-growing category.

InstaMed, the leading healthcare payments network, securely and conveniently simplifies every transaction — making management of $2.7 trillion of annual healthcare payments easier for patients, providers and payers. When InstaMed decided to be the first to introduce Apple Pay to the healthcare industry, it saw an exceptional opportunity to leverage the partnership to take InstaMed’s media relations program to the next level.

These logos represent some of the publications in which the Garfield Group team was able to earn placements for InstaMed.

What we did

The Solution

A strategic media relations campaign to increase the awareness, visibility and credibility of InstaMed. The Garfield public relations team conducted an in-depth discovery session to understand every element of the story - including the news itself and the broader industry impact. Based on that insight, we researched the best outlets and media contacts to create a targeted list of business, technology, payments, healthcare and regional publications. Social media posts were coordinated with InstaMed’s marketing team. Messaging and speaking points, leveraged in our media pitches and through statements made by senior members of the InstaMed team, covered both the announcement and its connection to a broader healthcare industry story:

  • Focus on “consumerism” in healthcare payments - a priority because approximately 20% of consumers have unpaid healthcare bills as a result of confusion in the payments process, at a time when the payment burden on consumers is increasing because of high-deductible health plans
  • The importance of security and privacy, and strengths of Apple Pay and InstaMed in both of these critical areas
  • The continued growth of the InstaMed network currently utilized by over 1,500 hospitals, 70,000 practices/clinics and 100+ billing services, connected to 3,000+ payers and integrated with over 60 practice management systems


Brand Action

The Brand Action

The results of the campaign exceeded expectations. Our news appeared in every one of our key targeted verticals. In all, we earned over 30 placements reaching a potential audience of over 56 million readers. What’s more, we were able to set the stage for future InstaMed coverage by using this announcement to establish important media and analyst relationships which, soon after, resulted in feature articles in Bloomberg BusinessWeek and an analyst report by Forrester Research. Check out a handful of the placements below:

“The folks at Garfield have done an exceptional job of helping InstaMed gain broader recognition and reinforcing our position as the industry’s thought leader. They’re flexible, resourceful and strategic — performing as a seamless contributor to the InstaMed team.”

Patricia McCrossan, Director, Marketing

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