The Challenge:

iMedX, a challenger in the transcription and coding space, sought a dual-approach campaign directed at CFOs of community hospitals.

Knowing the biggest pain points of these CFOs - the negative stigma of outsourcing jobs and the potential increased cost of the service - we decided to leverage the fact that iMedX offers solutions for both of these issues, and we took them head on.

The Solution:

We showed these CFOs the upside of partnering with iMedX - targeting both pain points and turning them into opportunities. Our “Upsides” campaign featured print and digital tactics where we tackled these perceived downsides of outsourcing with simple and powerful messages which we treated visually in an equally simple and powerful way.

Additionally, we developed two content pieces. First was an infographic illustrating the importance of staying ahead of industry changes. The second was a comprehensive guide introducing iMedX’s “Intra-sourcing” solution. Combined with a Twitter/LinkedIn campaign, we surpassed our click-through, downloads and page-view goals.

To confirm that the “Upside” message was received loud and clear by the most important CFOs, we created a targeted mailer that could not be ignored. Select CFOs received a custom “iMedX’s Upsides” vinyl record showing once more that there are no downsides to working with iMedX. “Upside One: Cost Savings” featured a jazzy collection of songs, while “Upside Two: Job Savings” featured more upbeat rock tunes the would get those CFOs dancing to a whole new beat.

No record player? No problem. CFOs were incentivized with a classically modern turntable to set up a meeting with iMedX.

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    the print campaign focused on both job savings and cost savings


    To go along with the campaign we created a highly unique record mailer that featured upside one “the smooth sounds of cost savings” and upside two “the energetic side of saving jobs”


    In addition to a traditional print campaign, we created a highly successful digital and social campaign.

  • INFO

    We created an infographic explaining the why outsourcing for transcription is a good idea, but only if you want to increase efficiency and overhead.


    We created content that promoted iMedX’s thought leadership on “instrasourcing” that was promote through social, digital and email.

The Brand Action:

The entire campaign captured the attention of the target audience by continuously addressing their pain points and easing them with solutions offered by iMedX. Reaching CFOs in a variety of locations via a combination of platforms reinforced the message while presenting it in relation to success with iMedX.

In the end, the campaign drove a record level of unique leads and received 1.6 million impressions across all tactics… which is a pretty good Upside.

“We were thrilled with the multi-faceted program that Garfield developed for iMedX in our ‘Upsides’ campaign. We had two primary objectives: first to reinforce our brand with our target market, and second to generate new business leads by grabbing attention of the key decision makers at the Healthcare Systems we target.

Garfield's creative components were bold, unique and informative. The tactical plans to attack this campaign through a variety of channels aligned with our branding positioning goals.

We definitely experienced immediate growth in our lead generation activities across a variety of sources.”

- Jim Banghart, Sr Vice President Sales & Marketing