The Challenge:

Establish trust.

FamilyWize, a partner of the United Way, is a Community Service Partnership that believes that access to medicine and healthy living is a right that should be enjoyed by everyone. In addition to other services, FamilyWize offers a prescription savings card to those who have no insurance, or those who need medicine not covered by their insurance.

Today, as the healthcare landscape in the US changes, there has been an influx of prescription savings cards - some of them legitimate, some of them not - and all carry that “too good to be true” perception. How do you know who to trust? FamilyWize approached Garfield to help answer that question and create a narrative around FamilyWize that both established legitimacy and educated the audience on how the program worked in a simple and human way.

The result:

A relatable and educational character.

Meet Orange, a character we created to be the hero in our video. Orange is friendly, relatable and appealing to all audiences. It is through Orange’s story that we learn about what FamilyWize has to offer; how they are focused on helping the uninsured and underinsured in the US; and how they make it easy for those in need to get help with their prescriptions. You’ll also see that Orange doesn’t fall far from the FamilyWize tree which helped to emphasize a strong brand story.

"Garfield Marketing was able to help us explain what we do in a simpler and more engaging way with this short video."

Dan Barnes, CEO and Co-Founder