Duff & Phelps

The Challenge:

Transition brand equity to a new space

As a company, Duff & Phelps has industry-wide trust and credibility. As they considered the introduction of TotalPropertyTax, they wanted to be sure to leverage this existing brand equity. The brand story featured Duff & Phelps’ heritage and vision, while also introducing the new advantages delivered when the new TotalPropertyTax platform is added to their trusted advisory services.

The Solution:

A compelling story of innovation

We crafted a name and brand identity that connects directly to Duff & Phelps’ corporate brand look and feel. It delivered a consistent, familiar experience, while introducing interesting creative elements (building blocks from an innovative UX interface) that allowed TotalPropertyTax to shine.

The website experience tells a story by scrolling through a series of “chapters.” Starting with Duff & Phelps’ heritage and experience within the Property Tax space and flowing into their innovative thinking and industry expertise to express their vision of delivering “a whole new way to look at Property Tax Management.”

Impactful imagery and robust infographics support the brand story, detailing specific features, benefits, and tangible benefits.

  • Creative Brand DNA:

    TotalPropertyTax’s Creative Brand DNA aligns with Duff & Phelps’ corporate look and feel, presenting a whole new way—literally—to look at Property Tax.

  • Telling the whole story:

    A narrative website experience allows users to scroll through “chapters” of the brand story, interacting with specific content as they navigate the experience.

  • The importance of infographics:

    Detailed infographics support the brand messaging, clearly articulating complex ideas, processes, and concepts.

  • Presentation collateral:

    Additional sales collateral was created using the same brand story and design aesthetic, delivering a comprehensive and consistent brand experience across all marketing and personal touch points.

Brand Action:

Generate new leads and deepen existing relationships

The brand launch and new website allowed Duff & Phelps to engage and educate audiences about TotalPropertyTax, while seamlessly packaging this new software solution to complement its existing cutting edge advisory services.

“The Garfield team helped us launch our first software product in a dynamic and effective way, extending our brand and providing a boost for our sales pipeline.”

Marty Dauer, CMO
Duff & Phelps