The Challenge

Telling a Complex Enterprise Software Story in a Simple, Powerful Way


DialConnection provides powerful, compliance-driven enterprise software solutions for call centers. One of their greatest strengths is the real-time data integration they deliver with other client systems, working with each client individually to craft a solution to fit their specific requirements. However, this individualized approach presented a challenge for educating leads at the top of the funnel, who needed a high-level understanding of the offerings and value proposition.

Meanwhile, DialConnection had to contend with a crowded market of content-savvy technology platforms. They knew that to stay competitive, they’d need to craft a cohesive digital brand experience — one that would do justice to the value of their offerings while leveraging a modern, responsive look, engineered to generate and convert new leads.


The Solution

A Modern Brand. A New Website. A Powerful Story to Tell.


We began by looking at what DialConnection’s competition was doing right — and where they left a vacuum for DialConnection to fill. We found that a focus on compliance was a key differentiator, especially in an increasingly privacy-aware, data-heavy age. This would become even more important as DialConnection branched into new verticals.


With the brand story came a modern look and feel, including a new logo, color palette, and website. We migrated DialConnection to Drupal for scalability, built templates with flexible callout options, and made the design responsive.

Then, we tackled the white whale in DialConnection’s communications: a clear, consistent way to talk about the myriad products and services that could come together to create the bespoke end-to-end solution, from the enterprise platform itself to recording and redaction software, tech support, messaging modules, and more. We distilled the offerings down to a simple, interactive map that showed how each piece related to the others and to the whole.

  • A before and after showing the revamped homepage design, including the new DialConnection logo.

  • The before and after of the About Us page demonstrates the more streamlined design and open feel of the new site.

  • With redesigned templates, the DialConnection site promotes an intuitive, consistent user experience.

  • A closer look at the new, modernized DialConnection logo.

The Brand Action


Built to Convert

With the new, modern brand and web presence, DialConnection finally had a look and feel that did justice to its powerful product offering, while giving it a clear way to stand out in a crowded market. The site also provided a platform for content marketing, an avenue to solicit customer feedback, and greater support for the sales channel. All of these brand elements came together to help DialConnection generate a pipeline of new, high quality sales opportunities, while clearing the path to break into new verticals.

"In such a competitive market space, we were confident in the strength of our offering — but communicating that to new customers, in new industries, was the hurdle we had to clear. Garfield’s work on our brand and digital presence tells the DialConnection story in an elegant way that truly encapsulates what makes us different, and it’s been a game-changer in terms of how we reach potential clients."

Keith Larson
President and COO, DialConnection