Chicago Community Loan Fund

The Challenge:

Tell a financial story of social impact in a way that’s both dynamic and inspiring.

The Chicago Community Loan Fund (CCLF) provides financing and technical assistance for development projects that benefit low- to moderate-income neighborhoods, families and individuals throughout metropolitan Chicago. CCLF came to us in need of help with its 2013 annual report, seeking a more inspired and engaging way to showcase its transformational effect throughout the community. There was a great story to tell, but prior annual reports didn’t always convey the power and importance of CCLF’s mission and impact.

The Solution:

Create a design that brings CCLF’s story to life through beautiful photography and vibrant graphic elements.

We combined brand elements, inspiring photographs and easy-to-read infographics to tell the story of CCLF’s 2013 progress in an approachable, digestible format. Copy was crafted to bring the philosophy of “change starts with chance” to life in every page.

  • In order to showcase the accomplishments and impact of CCLF over the past year, we created the theme, "Change starts with a Chance" - encapsulating the heart of CCLF.

  • We designed the opening spread to serve as a powerful introduction — verbally and visually showing the passion and progress behind CCLF.

  • The copy was carefully crafted, and the imagery purposefully chosen to instantly engage readers in CCLF's powerful stories of change.

  • In addition to the stories of progress and success, there was also an important numbers story to share with readers — a story we thought would be best told through succinct, visually-intriguing graphics.

Brand Action:

Revamped annual report resonates with CCLF’s community and influential audiences.

The 2013 CCLF annual report has been met with great excitement from inside the organization and key external audiences – including funders, investors and partners. Vividly illustrated funding stories allow CCLF to showcase the difference it is making in the community, and the organization plans to extend this exciting, effective brand approach to future communications.

“We’ve always had confidence that CCLF was making a difference in our targeted Chicagoland communities, but at times our promotional materials did not fully capture that success. Thanks to Garfield Group’s inspiring treatment of our annual report, we now have a centerpiece to describe all the good work CCLF does and a powerful way to engage our targeted communities in the future.”

Calvin L. Holmes, President
Chicago Community Loan Fund