The most successful campaign in Vertex history.


Vertex developed a breakthrough technology, called Vertex Enterprise, designed to give tax professionals control over their own data to manage corporate tax — planning, strategy, accounting, compliance, and audit. It’s a complex process, with most multinationals having multiple business units, in country-specific systems, in different currencies, using different accounting standards. They turned to us to tell this very complex story in a simple and compelling way


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Tax Possible

After teaming up with the Vertex team to fully understand its core technology, the Vertex Tax Performance Engine, our strategy was all about educating CFOs, VPs of Tax, Tax Managers how they could use Vertex to make strategic contributions to the financial success of the company.

Our new campaign theme was inspired by the idea that using Vertex Enterprise gave Tax command of its own data, fundamentally creating a new way to improve and control all aspects of tax process management… the markings the beginning of a new era where all things are Tax Possible.

The most successful campaign in Vertex history

The new Tax Possible campaign launched to incredible acclaim. In five weeks, engagement and conversions reached record-setting levels, and the Tax Possible theme has been extended to Vertex events, and a full portfolio campaign worldwide.

Working together, we created something truly distinctive and memorable in the category. “Tax Possible” has been our most successful campaign to date, and has resonated with our key audiences (VPs of Tax, Tax Managers, CFOs) in a remarkable way. Just another example of the ways our nearly 10 year partnership with Garfield continues to grow and prosper.”

Lauren BreezeCommunications Director

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