Art Director’s Club of Philadelphia

The Challenge

Give a great club a great website — pro bono.

The Art Director’s Club of Philadelphia (ADCP) is (in our opinion) one of the best organizations in Philly dedicated to creativity of all types. So, when we heard our good friends at the ADCP needed a new website to promote their events and membership, we stepped forward and volunteered.

The Solution

A site that gets “artsy and weird.”

We quickly rallied our troops to design and produce for ADCP a site that is worthy of its name. ADCP takes pride in being unapologetically itself, so we wanted to create a site that delivered this attitude both in look and tone while driving greater event participation and membership.

We created a concept that allowed the ADCP to look and feel like a true “club” - giving them a place to call their own while creating a user experience that connects with creatives. Additionally we made ADCP and the center of attention by using “Art Directors Club of Philadelphia” as the main navigation and by featuring visuals created by their members. The site was instantly (internally and externally) a hit, promoting event participation and membership while living up ADCP’s mission to “get artsy, get weird, and get better.”

"Our new site from Garfield kicks a whole lot of ass! Finally, the ADCP has a site that's as inspired and creative as our membership and mission."

Vince Marie, VP
Art Directors Club of Philadelphia