The Challenge:

Enhance awareness and lead generation to drive more revenue for eCOA.

Almac is a global leader in pharmaceutical and clinical development and the commercialization of life science products. Recently, they wanted to relaunch the marketing for their electronic clinical outcomes assessments (eCOA) services to rejuvenate interest and create fresh leads for their sales team.

  • At the outset of the campaign, we developed an integrated campaign architecture to guide the deployment of all plan components and map out the overall campaign flow.

  • The landing page featured an intro video, a sneak peak into the ebook before download and teaser information of the next wave of content.

  • The ebook written in a digestable narrative form, walked the readers through the benefits of using eCOA for their clinical trials.

  • Social media posts on LinkedIn and Twitter played a large part in the campaign. Tapping a new audience and delivering new leads for sales.

The Solution:

The Tale of Two Trials

Knowing that the audience’s understanding of eCOA varied, we walked the audience first through a general education, and then through real examples of how eCOA impacts their business. Instead of throwing facts and figures around, we took a “narrative” approach and crafted the “Tale of Two Trials”, a comparative story of the benefits of eCOA. Which was then told in both a video and a digital book.

Lead generation was then launched in multiple waves through traffic drivers, such as paid search, LinkedIn posts and sponsored Tweets. It was then supported through a series of highly-targeted email blasts. Both waves focused on answering the questions and concerns surrounding the array of eCOA technologies, driving people to watch or download Almac’s eCOA story.

The Brand Action. The eCOA campaign results exceeded expectations and nearly every measurable key performance indicator (KPI) was met or exceeded. Two email pushes produced a 98.4 percent deliverability rate, with a 123% increase in the open rate and a 600% increase in click-through. Seeded posts on key LinkedIn discussion groups accounted for 69% of e-book downloads, indicating the influence of Almac as a thought leader, while our sponsored Tweets – a new and untested tactic – delivered leads at an extremely low CPL.

“The visibility we gained from this campaign helped jumpstart our eCOA sales efforts and provided some badly needed visibility. Garfield’s recommended approach and use of innovative social media ads enabled us to stand out from the competition in a crowded market.”

Michele Lichtenfield, Director of Marketing