The Challenge

Getting CMOs to Swipe Right on Artificial Intelligence


CMOs love to hate the “marketing” stack — the tsunami of software, data, and operations needed to manage cross-platform, cross-device digital engagement. The stack spans search, social, email, CRM, programmatic, and behavioral targeting, forcing marketers to master IT and manage a burgeoning array of time-consuming, tedious tasks.

Albert™ — an artificial intelligence startup formerly known as Adgorithms — engineered an AI alternative to the marketing stack, streamlining the CMO workflow like never before. It was a groundbreaking solution, but humans (unlike AI assistants) are famously averse to change. What if CMOs saw Albert as a threat to their positions, instead of a liberator freeing them from countless analytics dashboards and giving them more time to be creative?

As we’ve stated in Day One Branding, first impressions are everything when it comes to brand, especially one as revolutionary as Albert. Adgorithms recognized this, and came to Garfield for help communicating that Albert wasn’t just the most powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal — he was also potentially their new favorite coworker.

The Solution

Introducing Marketing’s Most Powerful Ally: Albert


We recommended that Adgorithms position Albert as the world’s first and only Artificial Intelligence (AI) Marketing Platform, enabling marketers to spend less time managing operations — something AI does more effectively than humans, anyway — and more time focusing on the fun, creative, human side of marketing. With Albert, marketers can finally execute the unique, imaginative campaigns they didn’t have the bandwidth to deliver before, and fall in love with their jobs all over again.

We also recommended that Adgorithms avoid brand confusion by changing its name, once and for all, to Albert. With one brand name to promote, Albert could more easily break through. With the new name and elevator pitch came a new voice and brand look that has carried through all of their digital communications, including social media and viral videos. The new brand embraced more vibrant colors, a grid structure that hearkened to the underlying technology, and an endearing, engaging voice — inspired by lovable characters like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

It’s worth noting that we’re an agency of tech-obsessed marketers, so it wasn’t long before we became personally enamored with Albert, ourselves. But the true measure of success was still to come — a launch that would convince an industry of marketers to feel the love.

  • Albert logo and illustration of Albert’s robot persona.

    The new Albert logo leverages modern, but friendly typography that complements Albert’s legacy robot illustration.

  • Albert brand style guide, including typography, data visualization, color palette, photography, and other brand elements.

    Albert’s brand guide comprised friendly, inviting typography, attractive data visualizations, bold, unique colors, and more to marry Albert’s personality with the cutting-edge, high-tech nature of the solution.

  • An array of Albert business cards, designed by Garfield, that shows off the brand’s bright color palette and dynamic, three-dimensional pattern.

    An array of Albert business cards, designed by Garfield, shows off the brand’s bright color palette and dynamic, three-dimensional pattern.

  • Image of an Albert whitepaper leveraging the brand’s new typography, color palette, cube-based palette, and other elements.

    Garfield brought together Albert’s various new brand elements to redesign a whitepaper in a way that drives excitement about technological possibilities.

The Brand Action


Albert Sweeps the Award Circuit


Albert was an instant press darling. Says Kim Davis, Editor-in-Chief at DMN, “So magnetic is Albert's personality that Adgorithms is officially transitioning to Albert as the company name.” Albert’s transformation from powerful software solution to affable, if intimidatingly brilliant robot was so thorough, marketers caught themselves referring to the product as “he,” not “it.”

It wasn’t long before Albert started racking up industry accolades. The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence named Albert AI Application of the Year. At the 2017 DMN Awards, Albert took home the title of Best Marketing Automation Company, as well as recognition for the Best Retail Campaign of the Year for its work with Harley-Davidson NYC. Gartner named Albert one of four Cool Vendors in Advertising.

While we can’t take credit for the quality of the solution — the visionaries at Adgorithms succeeded at engineering nothing short of a marketing revolution — the Albert story shows the power of brand to turn something functional into something (someone?) people truly care about.

“Providing an experienced outside perspective, Garfield helped us tune up our positioning, story, and brand creative — simplifying us as Albert and recommending we position ourselves directly within the red-hot AI category. These changes have made a big impact. Among press, analysts and prospects, Albert is now leading the pack."

Amy Inlow
Chief Marketing Officer, Albert