Agilent Technologies

The Challenge:

Develop a year-long internal sales promotion that pushed worldwide CSD sales past $500 million.

Agilent Technologies is a premier technology leader in chemical analysis, life sciences, diagnostics, electronics and communications. They came to us to help them increase their worldwide sales for their Chemistries and Supplies Division (CSD). 

  • A year-long promotional campaign we developed to create excitement and a little internal competition for its international sales force, to push the CSD sales beyond the $500 million mark.

  • This mailer was sent to the sales teams to introduce them to the contest. It included the rules, a branded key chain and a card that drove them to the microsite. 

  • Office poster to promote and remind the teams about the contest.

  • The website was mission control for the contest, with prize details, leader boards, sales tools, and success stories.

  • Email newsletters were sent out to keep people up to date on all developments and prize leaders.

The Solution:

The Grand Prix de Agilent

The Grand Prix de Agilent-Race to California featured a grand prize of an all-expenses paid trip to Agilent headquarters in Folsom, Calif., followed by a trip to California’s famed wine country for the winning sales team, along with smaller quarterly prizes to keep the competition going.

To kick off the contest sales team members received an intriguing gift which drove them to a microsite with all the details of the contest. The microsite was the home base of the contest featuring a “Hall of Fame”, success stories and leaderboards to spark continued competition. Emails, monthly updates and other sales tools were also created to keep the campaign’s momentum going throughout the year.

Agilent’s sales force readily took to the campaign, with many team members reporting double and even triple digit sales quotas. As the campaign comes to a close Agilent is well positioned to surpass its $500 million goal and the campaign has posted an incredibly healthy return on the investment.