position your brand for the strongest possible recovery

We’ve designed a special program to help your brand reset and position itself for a strong recovery. Building off our proven brand discovery and audit process, we’ll review:

  • Pre-pandemic objectives for 2020 and help you “reset” your objectives
  • Shifts in audience needs and how to reshape your story for greater relevance in the COVID-19 environment
  • How your competitive environment has changed and how you should respond
  • Your current marketing mix and ways to shift your marketing for the greatest impact in the current environment.

Considerations include:

  • Customer experience and website
  • Marketing automation and UX
  • Content strategy
  • Public relations and social media strategy
  • Digital sales tools and process
  • Pipeline engagement and nurture metrics

A Reset & Recovery Audit will arm you with a plan to reset expectations for 2020 and put you in a strong position for a 2021 recovery.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Larry Garfield, President, at lgarfield@garfieldgroup.com, or Doug Eckard, Director of New Business, at deckard@garfieldgroup.com.

Larry Garfield, President

Doug Eckard, Director of New Business