Yes, We Still Love Our FitBits

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So, we’ve been hearing some strange news about the recall of FitBit Forces, and we’d just like to say ours are working just fine!

Okay, back to what you’re really here for—a week’s worth of February stats. Before you read, you should know that Garfield had five, yes five, work-from-home snow days, so please excuse our slightly less physically active pajama days. Despite the competition that was stirred up last month to improve active minutes, which seem to be the most difficult to achieve, the numbers this month were just not a match.

Donna, who just got back from a golfing trip in Florida, took 54,938 steps, burned 12,687 calories, and had 56 active minutes. Those are some seriously well-deserved steps through 18 holes.

Steve, who has been very busy with a new website launch, took 51,677 steps, burned 19,918 calories, and had 37 active minutes.

Bryon, who was keeping his girls busy on his work-from-home snow days, took 26,523 steps, burned 18,331 calories, and had 60 active minutes.

Will, who was the star of active minutes last month, took 28,565 steps, burned 16,378 calories, and finally, had 55 active minutes.

Impressive, right? Evidently everyone isn’t running around holiday shopping anymore, but I will tell you… we are more than ready for some warmth and some sunshine here at Garfield.