Tech Waves Transforming Healthcare: Insights and Inspiration From Our Philly Tech Week Event

Posted by Matt Pfluger

On May 5th, we hosted our first Philly Tech Week event featuring a panel of some of the region’s leading healthcare organizations (most of them clients) including Accolade, InstaMed, Kennedy Health, Picwell, and Qlik, moderated by our own Larry Garfield.

  • Dan Klein, VP of Information Management & Analytics at Accolade: an on-demand healthcare concierge for employers, health plans, and health systems.

  • Deirdre Ruttle, Vice President, Marketing at InstaMed: healthcare’s most trusted payments network connecting providers, payers, and patients for simple, seamless, and secure payments.

  • Christine Mora, Corporate Director of Marketing at Kennedy Health: an integrated healthcare delivery system providing a full continuum of healthcare services ranging from acute-care hospitals to a broad spectrum of outpatient and wellness programs.

  • Ani Vemprala, CTO and Co-founder at Picwell: a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that leverages complex data and analytics to help people pick the ideal health plan for themselves and their families.

  • Joe Warbington, Director, Healthcare Market Development at Qlik: enabling healthcare organizations to explore clinical, financial and operational data through visual analytics to discover insights which lead to improvements in care, reduced costs and delivering higher value to patients.

Speaking to a standing-room-only crowd, our panelists shared their unique perspectives on technology’s transformational role in healthcare. A new event recap highlights some of the most interesting ideas and insights, including:

  • The Impact of Consumerism: As patients continue to take greater control over their own healthcare decisions, providers and payers must adjust to create more consumer-friendly experiences and choices. Technology helps healthcare organizations cater to consumerism through more information access and innovate product or program design.

  • The Influence of Big Data: The amount of information involved in healthcare is immense. Digitized patient records, clinical trial data, and new technical advances make collecting data from multiple sources easier –  but using it remains a new challenge. Big data in healthcare influences everything from compensation to practice.

  • The Search for Value: Healthcare organizations of all sizes need to embrace and understand the value of technology in their businesses. Leveraging technology to inform and improve processes represents a new advantage in the market – one to which businesses still find themselves adjusting.

  • The Future of Technology in Healthcare: Since 2010, more than 300 new businesses have developed innovative healthcare applications. From wearables to health tracking and analysis to new payment methods, panelists discussed many disruptive and interesting ideas that will influence healthcare in the years to come.

Some of the most interesting ideas discussed and insights revealed can be found in our “Tech Waves Transforming Healthcare” recap which you can download here.