#SocialMediaDay2015 Comes to Philly

Posted by Garfield

Yet another Philly marketing event trended on Twitter. This time, it was for Philly’s Social Media Day 2015 event at Kimpton’s Hotel Monaco.

Hosted by Mashable, Social Media Day 2015 took place all around the country and made a splash across the Twitterverse. Communication and business professionals nationwide - even those outside of the events - contributed to the conversation and shared their insights (see our Twitter feed for proof!).

We were lucky enough to attend Philly’s Social Media Day event. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Go with video. Nearly every discussion - from travel and tourism to non-profit and sports marketing - mentioned the scalability and engagement associated with video content. Kimpton uses Instagram to hyperlapse experiences at its hotels. The Independence Seaport Museum uses Youtube to post event series or upcoming announcements. Blogger Debbie Bookstaber uses Youtube to not only showcase products but tell stories. Essentially, video works for everyone, and its continued adoption means we’ll start to see more tools to leverage it like Periscope and Meerkat.

  • Every industry benefits from social media. Yes, that includes regulated industries like healthcare and finance. Hurdles like employee use of social media at work and compliance or privacy concerns exist, but the payoff outweighs the struggle. Just ask Brian Mook ofBarclaycard U.S. and Megan Kutulis of Main Line Health. Both Brian and Megan found - and continue - social media success for their organizations with brand awareness and contests for engagement. Tap into audience insights and behaviors and infuse these learnings into your organization’s social media use to effectively engage your audience while staying inbounds of industry and company regulations.

  • Non-profits use social media to stand out. Social media helps non-profits tell stories and put faces to their causes. Alyson Harris of Access Sports Experience and Sulaiman Rahman of Urban Philly Professional Network shared their success with using this type of content on social media, and they noted how it provides them with a cost-effective, audience-reaching platform which suits their constricted schedules and budgets. Choosing outlets and strategies wisely helps them to position themselves and their brands through storytelling on the platforms which resonate with their audiences. This spoke to the resounding theme of doing what works for you and your business rather than trying to spread thin efforts across every social media outlet.

  • Influencer marketing works. Simple as that, but make sure you effectively leverage influencer relationships and build trust with your contacts by connecting previous work or shared interests to your outreach. Joey Fortman, radio personality turned blogger, and Kate Marlys (aka Philly PR Girl) stressed the importance of working with influencers through shareable experiences: how can the influencer connect your ask, cause or product with their audience and brand? Joey also noted that it’s okay - and often welcomed - to clearly outline your request of an influencer by letting them know what you hope to obtain from them (blog posts, videos, etc.), but make sure it’s appropriate and aligns with their target audiences as well as yours.