Social Media Day Philadelphia Recap

Posted by David Saba

Social Media Day in Philadelphia presented an opportunity for our industry to come together and share our knowledge of the ever-evolving social media discipline, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to help sponsor this event alongside some of the other great Philadelphia-based organizations. 

The night before the big day, Garfield Group coordinated a networking event at Constitution Place where some of the other sponsors, speakers and attendees got together to let their hair down, talk some business and get to know each other. Our team also attended various sessions throughout the conference, and returned with new insights that we will be putting to work for our clients’ social media strategies.

Ashley Sasnett of Porsche kicked off the event with a rousing presentation on why social media is the best job in any company. We certainly agree – social media is spontaneous, but requires a deep understanding of strategy and how to best communicate with your audiences. No two days are ever the same, and you’re constantly flexing your customer relationship chops in real-time, which can be both challenging and thrilling. That said, being a full-service firm, we enjoy supporting our clients across every touchpoint in their customer journey – from brand strategy and creative, to public relations, analytics and search. Basically, we don’t play favorites.

Our team also sat in on a panel that discussed how to achieve C-suite buy-in for social media, a tall task for companies that might have more conventional management or stick to traditional communications strategies. Where the value of social media is either not understood or recognized, we see a learning opportunity. The approach we apply aligned with the panel’s recommendations – determine what’s possible, develop a strategy, present the research to decision makers and begin reporting results as soon as possible. To get support for new, strategic initiatives from management, clients, or colleagues, it’s important to educate and inform, while always prioritizing transparency. 

Philadelphia’s Social Media Day 2018 armed our team with new understandings and perspectives – tools that we will undoubtedly add to our communications arsenal and bring to the table in conversations with our clients. We are so happy to have been a part of the conference, and we look forward to next year.