Social Media + Breakfast + Philly = Trending on Twitter

Posted by Garfield

When a bunch of Philadelphia-based advertisers take time out of their crazy schedules to learn more about social media best practices, they take it seriously. So seriously that the event’s hashtag trends on Twitter.

That’s what Philly Ad Club’s #AdClubSocial breakfast was all about. The event, hosted at the Liberty View Ballroom, featured local social media professionals chatting about their personal experiences and opinions on best practices. The resounding theme at the event: listen to and properly engage with your audience.

  • Take Social Media for What it is: Erin Auci of Brownstein Group kicked things off with a reminder that social media really caters to consumers as a user-generated conversation tool. She advised us to monitor for trends, engage one-on-one with consumers and “surprise and delight” fans by sharing in their success or happiness. Erin stressed the fact that relationship-building, a key strategy for social media, doesn’t always result in engagement… and that’s okay!

  • Tie Social Goals to Business Milestones: Cassandra Bailey of Slice Communications said many forget to take this critical first step. She suggests choosing the top two things you want to achieve and aligning a strategy to reach them. Consider the actions you need your audience to take and what happens in the world which may affect them. Of course, never forget to measure the strategy’s effectiveness.

  • Look Beyond the Platforms Themselves: Jeff Gibbard of True Voice Media reinforced the importance of looking at the long-term rather than the hurry-up-and-get-on-social-media. He noted that we need to consider how joining social media may affect a company’s business model - both positively and negatively. The “collaborative economy” created by social media provides consumers with more power, so companies need to move beyond the platforms themselves and think of social media’s impact as a whole.

  • Understand Social Media’s Role in Marketing: Marty McDonald of Bad Rhino Inc. said everyone joining social media wants to enhance traffic and sales, but they need to determine if that’s actually what they need. Marty says social media helps connect the marketing dots, but this requires an understanding of measurement and, more importantly, a definition of how social media traffic converts on a website.

  • Take Your Efforts up a Notch: Matthew Ray of Chatterblast urged us to take social media trends to the next level - especially since failing to listen on social media does clients a disservice. Matthew honed in on topics like active listening, deliberate advertising and collaborative diversity which allow us as communication professionals to know information before other people do.

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