A Revolutionary Homecoming: our move to Old City

Posted by Larry Garfield

Today, I’m proud to announce that Garfield Group is moving to Philadelphia.

Over the past 10 years, the city has undergone significant transformation. You can feel the energy as talented young people choose our nation’s birthplace over New York City. Start-ups dot the landscape, from Old City to Northern Liberties to West Philadelphia. Suburban mainstays like Vanguard and Brandywine Realty have established new offices in town. Construction cranes are everywhere. Today, the City of Brotherly Love embraces innovation — in AI, fintech, life sciences, big data analytics, and more.

So why are we moving into the city after being suburbanites for nearly 28 years? One word: growth.

Garfield Group has always been part of the Philadelphia innovation community. We’ve been honored to Create Brand Action for finance, healthcare, tech, and social innovators in the region like Vertex, McGraw-Hill Education, ERT, Accolade, IMS Health, Jornaya, Edison Partners, The Reinvestment Fund, and more. So making this move is a natural way to support our growth and our clients’ growth, while building on our vision to live at the intersection of creativity and innovation. Given the region’s growing marketing and technology community, there’s never been a better time.

For me personally, the move represents a homecoming. Born in Philly. Attended Wharton. Worked my “first real job” at Lewis, Gilman & Kynett — at one time, the largest agency in the city.

As of October 23, you’ll find us at 325 Chestnut Street in the heart of Old City — the same building that houses Buddakan. Just blocks from Independence Hall, where Jefferson, Adams, and Franklin presented some radical ideas of their own. That’s why our new building has been named Constitution Place, having just undergone a multi-million dollar renovation. We’re looking forward to the beautiful views from our outdoor deck overlooking Carpenter’s Hall, and the swanky lounge/common space adjacent to our 4th floor offices will provide its own unique creative energy.

We’re planning to make some history ourselves. Our team of creative, digital, strategy, and marketing rebels is focused on doing revolutionary work for our clients. First order of business? Our holiday program promoting Philadelphia Education Fund, an organization that helps thousands of Philadelphia students achieve their college and career dreams — the most important investment we make in the future of our city, and a cause we’re all passionate about. You can get a sneak preview of this year’s holiday program here.

We’ll see you around town.