Garfield Partners with Philadelphia Education Fund

Posted by Larry Garfield

Each year, Garfield teams up with a local charity to give back to the community we’re honored to call home. And since we have a new home this year — right in Old City, Philadelphia — we wanted to work with an organization that aligns with the innovative spirit that has fueled Philadelphia’s history of shaping the future, from Ben Franklin’s lightning rod to today’s ground-breaking medical research.

But as we all know, the real torchbearers for the future are the young people in Philadelphia’s schools — our future leaders, engineers, inventors, artists, and teachers. That’s why this year, Garfield is working with The Philadelphia Education Fund, an organization that supports thousands of students across the city with mentorship programs, teacher preparation and professional development, college resources, and more.

About The Philadelphia Education Fund.

Phila Ed Fund is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide the opportunities and skills Philadelphia’s students need to achieve college and career success. The organization researches and develops best practices for teachers that deliver real, measurable results in student outcomes. In addition to teacher prep, Phila Ed Fund has provided more than $14 million in scholarship funds to Philadelphia students.

You can learn more about Philadelphia Education Fund initiatives, from its College Access Program to the Donald McKinney Center for STEM Education, on their website:

Garfield + Phila Ed Fund Create Brain Action.

Given the great work The Philadelphia Education Fund does in the areas of education and social justice, the Garfield crew couldn’t be more excited to work with them this holiday season. We’ll be raising funds, providing career workshops to students (our future Brand Action heroes!), and spreading the word to all of the amazing people we know throughout the Philadelphia region and beyond.

Interested in nurturing the innovators of the future? Here are some of the ways you and your organization can help — and be sure to follow Garfield on Twitter for more details on our program and how you can lend a hand. We’ll be sharing more in coming weeks.

  • Become a partner. Host a workshop or mentor students interested in a career in your field — especially if you’re in STEM.
  • Donate. Garfield will be providing many opportunities to donate through our website and events in coming weeks, but you can always visit in the meantime.
  • Learn more. Follow @PhilaEdFund on Twitter to see how The Philadelphia Education Fund is making a difference for students and families across this great city — and spread the word!

Interested in speaking to someone at Philadelphia Education Fund about volunteer opportunities, or sharing other ideas you might have? Please contact me directly at