Pi(e) Day

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Everyone needs a reason to celebrate around the office, so why not make it a feast?

To honor Pi Day, you know, 3.1415926 etc. and Saint Patrick’s day, which happen to fall just three days apart, we decided to have our very own Pi(e) day on Saint Patrick’s day!

The rules were simple. Number one, wear green. Two, everyone bring in a pie, sweet or savory, it just has to be delicious. That’s fair, right?


The turnout was much more than everyone expected. Twelve pies total were brought in to compete, well actually 11 because someone may or may not have bought theirs at the farm down the street.

We started out with pizza of course, the king of all savory pie, and then moved on to the real deal—the competition was fierce.

Apple, cherry, key lime, coconut custard, chocolate, oreo, banana cream, pecan – just to name a few, and how could I forget, a mac and cheese pie. With bacon. Yes, it happened.

Our top three pies, winning everyone over with taste, presentation and creativity, were the mac and cheese pie, the key lime pie, and the chocolate banana cream pie.

Pi(e) day was total success. Now we just need to find the next holiday we can associate an edible competition with. Until next time.