Philly Tech Week: Where our Love for Tech and Marketing Unites

Posted by Garfield

Each year, Philly Tech Week provides tech geeks like us one of the best venues at which to marvel at the innovation occurring in our region. Of course, this year delivered as promised.

Philly Tech Week covers it all from civic advancements to programming insights. Our favorite sessions this year included “The Future of Interactive Marketing” which took place at Impact Hub - a modern, unique co-working and events space for entrepreneurs and startups.

Here are a few of the day’s highlights:

Favorite Presentation

  • Wil Reynolds of SEER Interactive served up a personal story to make a point about “marketing outputs versus outcomes.” His search for car rims led him to a company that offered a great digital interface, but dropped the ball in terms of customer experience when it answered one of Wil’s question with unrelated information. Needless to say, Wil chose another company for his purchase - but only after he completed all the research using their digital tools. It was a great way to talk about the ways so many of us measure success based on marketing outputs (views, clicks, time on site) without considering the desired marketing outcome (a sale).

Measuring Digital Marketing’s Impact

  • Mondo published its 2014-2015 Digital Marketing Salary Guide including insight about the new “digital era” in which CMOs and CIOs need to work closely together when utilizing development, design and creative services. A survey from over 200 digital marketing decision makers confirmed technology’s growing role in marketing: 80% of participants plan to increase digital marketing budgets over the next 12-18 months, and company revenue driven by marketing will increase by at least 30%. By 2017, marketing technology budgets are expected to surpass IT technology budgets — all in the name of better customer engagement.

The City of Brotherly Love - Even in Marketing

  • Desiree Peterkin-Bell, Communications and Strategy leader at the office of the Mayor of Philadelphia, sat on a hot seat Q&A panel and brought to life another side of marketing through her experience in government marketing and communication. Desiree discussed how she communicates with Philadelphians and addresses their needs and concerns via social media platforms. It was refreshing to hear about marketing in an industry outside of the traditional B2B or B2C spaces, and we got gained some valuable insight about the city’s operations, as well.

  • EveryBlock, a social media startup, announced its new Philadelphia hub. EveryBlock offers real-time updates about events and happenings in your neighborhood with information as specific as street-by-street updates. What’s more, EveryBlock enables user-generated content that allows people to interact and share their own stories while contributing to the neighborhood’s news and updates. If you live in Philly (or Chicago, Houston, Boston or Denver), you’ve gotta check it out.

All this in just one day of the conference! For more information about Philly Tech Week and the technological innovations occuring in our region, visit the Philly Tech Week site: