Participating in the Wearable Gadget Trend — FitBit Forces for the Holidays!

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It’s always fun to get those around you in the holiday spirit—especially at work, where there is a mild dose of competitiveness — I mean encouragement. This year Larry and Les really outdid themselves. For our holiday gift, each of us received a FitBit Force, one of those wearable gadgets that measures your fitness throughout the day.

After the one-too-many holiday meals were finished and after each and every Christmas cookie disappeared, it was time to focus on our FitBits and the new year ahead of us!

Like any kid with a new toy, we couldn’t wait to start using our Fitbits. It was a new spark of conversation in the morning, “How many steps did you take?” “How do you have so many active minutes?” “I burned so many calories!”

We thought it would light a fire in everyone to improve their daily fitness, and it definitely did. After a week or so of messing around with numbers and figuring out our averages, we decided to log a few Garfielders’ FitBit progress over a week’s span. We were so impressed with what we saw, we had to share.

Donna, an avid shoveler with all of this snow, had a very active week. She took 66,244 steps, had 44 active minutes, and burned 13,034 calories.

Bryon, a busy dad trying to keep up with two tween girls, took 56,770 steps, had 81 active minutes, and burned 18,433 calories.

Steve, who is doing some renovations in prep for his big Super Bowl party, took 42,770 steps, had 24 active minutes, and burned 16,484 calories. Don’t worry, you’re all invited.

Will, whose Boston Terrier, Laszlo, was dragging him through the snow outside, took 49,310 steps, had 90 active minutes, and burned 18,198 calories.

And finally, in just one day, Christian, who was taking control on the tradeshow floor at CES, took 16,895 steps, had 59 active minutes, and burned 3,009 calories.

This proves that despite everyone’s overwhelming desire to keep warm inside by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate, we managed to keep active this past month, except for Christian, who was warm in Las Vegas. Stay tuned for next month’s totals and we’ll see if anyone has significantly improved. Ninety active minutes is a tough number to beat, Will!