Join Garfield Group at the Pennsylvania Marketing Summit

Posted by Larry Garfield

There are few things the folks here at Garfield Group love more than learning how leading-edge brands are telling their stories in new and compelling ways — Creating Brand Action for their organizations. That’s why we’re pumped to join CMOs from such Philly heavyweights as Comcast, Rita’s Italian Ice (though where we’re from, we call it “Water Ice”), and Unisys this October 19, at the 2016 Pennsylvania Marketing Summit.

Why Go to the Pennsylvania Marketing Summit?

Well, for one, we’re sponsoring the happy hour — so you know it will be a fun time (more on that later!). But it’s also a rare opportunity to learn from some of the most successful CMOs in the City of Brotherly Love. Network with Mid-Atlantic brand gurus while learning how these organizations rise above the fray in the age of hyper-fast, viral-or-bust, multi-channel marketing.

Ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of social networks, always-changing search algorithms, and the breakneck speed at which technology changes marketing (and vice versa)? Whether you’re B2B, B2C, NPO, hospitality, or healthcare, you’ll find actionable advice — and priceless professional camaraderie — at the Pennsylvania Marketing Summit.

Happy Hour with Garfield, Beer Pong, and Robots

Dust off your finest business cards and grab your favorite libation at the Garfield-sponsored happy hour, where we’ll be putting a Garfield-Techno twist on classic beer pong action. That’s right: we’re pulling all the stops to make this a happy hour you won’t soon forget.

If you’d like to join us at Pennsylvania Marketing Summit and learn more about Creating Brand Action, send an email to Account Executive Alexa Hunt at