This Holiday Season, We Created Philly Opportunity

Posted by Larry Garfield

Marketing. Fundraising. A Career Day with Philly High School Students. See how much fun we had partnering with the Philadelphia Education Fund.

Every holiday season, we put our agency superpowers to work for a local non-profit with a mission that inspires us. This year we were honored to partner with the Philadelphia Education Fund.

Philadelphia Education Fund is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide the opportunities and skills Philadelphia’s students need to achieve college and career success. Through scholarships and on-site guidance at high schools in low-income areas, they make college possible for those who may have thought it was out of reach. Changing lives. Unlocking potential. Improving our city and community.

Working closely with the Philadelphia Education Fund team, led by President Farah Jimenez, and including Kimberly Stephens- Vice President of Programs and Dolores Adriaanse- Division Manager of Postsecondary Opportunity, we developed a multi-stage campaign to spread the word and encourage both financial and Amazon wish-list donations. The campaign included a direct mailer gift box, featuring Adam Grant’s bestseller “Give & Take” and goodies from small businesses located right in our Old City neighborhood.

This gift box was mailed before the holidays to spread the word about Philadelphia Education Fund

Icing on the (Tasty)Kake

We also hosted a career day with 15 bright-eyed high school juniors and seniors from four different Philadelphia high schools who are members of PEF’s College Access Program. We broke the students into three teams and set them loose to create new branding and marketing for a Philadelphia institution, Tastykake. Teams made presentations with some very innovative ideas around PR, branding, advertising and promotion, and feedback was provided by a Garfield panel of experts. At the end of the day, each student was presented with a copy of “Ogilvy on Advertising”— considered one of the “bibles” within the advertising industry.

Here’s a video that’ll give you an idea of how engaging the day was, and how much fun we had.

And here is a link to photos from the day!

Results: Over $3,400 Raised, Amazon Gifts Donated, and a new generation of high school students inspired.

According to Farah Jimenez, President of Philadelphia Education Fund: “Your team continues to blow me away. Wow. So grateful. So very grateful!”

Giving is Better

Although the Holidays are through, it's not too late to give to our campaign. The Philadelphia Education Fund can always use your support — check out there site for more information on ways you can help!