Hard Hats for Humanity

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Each year, Garfield Group participates in a day of service to support our local community. This year, we spent a day with the incredible people of Habitat For Humanity of Montgomery County, PA in addition to our fundraising and donation drive which collected $2,016 and over 100 holiday gifts for local families.

In the morning, we met at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore where new and used building materials and home goods are sold at discounted prices, and all of the proceeds support Montgomery County’s Habitat for Humanity. It was there we split into two groups: one stayed and helped at the ReStore while the other group went to go rehab a house. 

Some of the rehab crew wielded sledgehammers and crowbars to take down walls and ceilings. While they tore down the inside wall by wall, others worked on demolishing a cement patio to make room for a new addition. Back at the ReStore, the rest of us spent time organizing and restocking different household items. Other items were then disassembled in order to sell any precious metals like brass and copper which also contribute a great deal of money to fund Habitat for Humanity projects. It was exhausting but extremely satisfying to see how much important work we could accomplish as a team - even out of the office.

Throughout the day photographer Michael Spain Smith was on-site with us to capture these hard working, heart-warming, and really rewarding moments! Take a look at the gallery below: