A Happy Morning Meal for Ronald McDonald House

Posted by Larry Garfield

Every year, Garfield Group participates in a day of service to support our local community. This year, we visited the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House, a nonprofit that supports families of seriously ill children by creating a community of comfort and hope.

Garfield Group lended a hand by donating over 50 breakfast items and wish list gifts, assembling parfaits, baking bread, and sprucing and smiling up the space with Seuss-themed decor.

After we prepared breakfast for all the families staying there, we stayed a little longer to help tidy the beautiful common space. We also organized a Dr. Seuss-themed drive that has raised over $3,000, plus many donations including passes to the Philadelphia Zoo, Franklin Institute, and more. All thanks to the support of our amazing network — from clients to friends and family.

A Home Away From Home

While there, we were treated to a tour of the facility by Lawrence Jacobson, Director of Leadership Giving at the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House. Jacobson was kind enough to give us a behind-the-scenes look at the various moving parts that make Ronald McDonald House such a special place for families and children.

We were amazed by what we saw — from Troll-inspired indoor playhouses we would have loved as children to cozy common areas (with ornately carved mahogany), to a room full of gifts families could “shop” for. We were blown away by the love and care that staff members show for the Ronald McDonald House guests and mission. One of the most poignant moments came when Jacobson described a special floor for immunosuppressed children, so that they could play, socialize, and just be kids in a safe environment.

As we wrapped our 2016 service day, we felt proud of what we had accomplished all month, and glad that an organization like Ronald McDonald House exists to serve families of children with health issues. Contributing to an amazing cause while getting to know each other better provided some much needed warmth on a cold winter day.

There’s Never a Bad Time to Share the Happy!

Our holiday drive might have ended, but Ronald McDonald House can always use your support — so if this post inspired you, head over to the Philly RMH website to contribute to this important cause!