Garfield Group Geeking out to Philly Tech Week

Posted by Garfield

April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring something else: Philly Tech Week 2014.

Philly Tech Week will feature 140 events from April 4-12 that organizers anticipate will generate 25,000 participants. And as a leading integrated marketing agency, Garfield Group will be in the thick of things, taking part in many events.

Not only will we get to rub elbows with the Delaware Valley’s leading techies, entrepreneurs, do-ers, makers, dreamers, fire starters and world changers, but we’ll be able to keep abreast of the latest trends, products and thinking in a field that’s never boring.

Why is that important?

First and foremost, we’ll use that knowledge to better serve our clients. Like with any other business, if you stand still, you get run over. And considering the pace that things move in the technology world – as much of an icon as it’s become, the iPhone won’t turn seven years old until late June – we’ve got to stay informed.

While we have a lot of really bright and creative people at the Garfield Group, we can’t claim to corner the market on good ideas, so sharing ideas and best practices can only help us and, ultimately, you.

So, where will we be?

Company Founder and President Larry Garfield, Technical Director Adam Balkwill and Vice President – Digital Strategy Matt Pfluger are all slated to attend the “Phorum” on Thursday, April 10 at World Café Live. The Phorum is “an annual tech strategy conference that gathers the nation’s leading minds and most innovative solutions around a single, trending topic.”

A day later, Vice President – Creative Director Bryon Lomas, Vice President – Director of Account Services Steve Clark and Vice President – Director of Public Relations Amy Valli will be among the Garfield staffers attending the “Philly Tech Week Signature Event,” which is an interactive technology expo and demo party held at the Comcast Center.

Other events with a Garfield presence will include “Scrap the Big Launch, Fly a Kite: How to Create and Maintain Control of Smarter Mobile Apps” and the “Mobile Monday Mix Max” on April 7; “PR for Startups” and the “Future of Digital Marketing” on April 8; and “Building a Bridge Between Philly’s Tech & Advertising Communities” and “The Foundations of Being Sassy with Drupal” on April 9.

If you see us, come say hello. If not, we look forward to applying what we learn to our good work moving forward.