Garfield Group Considered Cool Office

Posted by Doug Eckard

Garfield Featured in PBJ Article showcasing “Cool Offices” in Philadelphia

We are super excited to be featured this month as one of Philadelphia Business Journals “Cool Offices” in Philadelphia. When we were considering moving in late 2016, Philadelphia was at the top of our wish list. With a growing client roster featuring more and more Philadelphia based clients, and a need to add to our agency talent pool, Philadelphia was a natural choice.

Philadelphia is steeped in marketing and advertising history dating as far back as Ben Franklin himself. Ben was our nation’s first outstanding figure in the field of advertising and was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame in 1950. Additionally, the nation’s first advertising agency was founded in Philadelphia in 1841. Finally, the first full-time retail copywriter also started in Philly, hired by John Wanamaker to work in his eponymous department store.

Much like Garfield Group, Philadelphia is a community that thinks big, supports each other, collaborates regularly, takes pride in authenticity, and is always looking to welcome new companies and partners.

Lastly, with over 100 colleges and universities, our region offers a diverse pool of highly-skilled experienced experts and young professionals readily available and looking for employment. Philadelphia’s cost of living, growing business community, and affordable and available housing market continue to attract new residents migrating from other nearby cities where they can not find the same opportunities.

We are excited to have our new home in Philadelphia and look forward to growing with our community for many years to come!

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