Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2014

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This just out: Fast Company Magazine’s “Most Innovative Companies” issue for 2014.  They call it their annual guide to “the businesses that matter most.”

It’s pretty awe-inspiring.

The companies selected cover a broad range of industries and types of innovation, from technology (Google, Dropbox, Netflix), to social innovation (Bloomberg Philanthropies,, Alta Bicycle Share), to events (SXSW) and manufacturing (Braskem).  Even Advertising Agencies (Deutsch LA).

For every brand you’d expect, like Google, Apple, Nike and Amazon, there are dozens that I was surprised to see, like Levi Strauss and Johnnie Walker.  It’s a global perspective, including brands from India, Israel, South America, and China.

Robert Safian, Fast Company’s Editor-in-Chief summed it up so well in a piece he titled “Twelve Innovation Lessons for 2014”:

“If you Google the phrase "faith-based businesses," the results point to companies that pursue a religious agenda. But there's another kind of faith in business: the belief that a product or service can radically remake an industry, change consumer habits, challenge economic assumptions. Proof for such innovative leaps is thin, payoffs are long in coming (if they come at all), and doubting Thomases abound. Today, pundits fret about an innovation bubble. Some overvalued companies and overhyped inventions will eventually tumble and money will be lost. Yet breakthrough progress often requires wide-eyed hope.”

Here’s the article in full.  Get inspired.  We sure did.