F Your Content: The Secret to Scannable Copy

Posted by Alexa Hunt

Copywriter Natalie Hornyak shares why your content should look like a capital F

Our friends at PageZii wrote a great article on how to improve blog engagement and bounce rate, featuring best practices from content marketing gurus — including our own copywriter Nat Hornyak.

Most writers and Internet users know that people frequently share content having only read the headline or, if you’re lucky, a few subheads and sample sentences. The attention economy is truly a seller’s market, with readers possessing only so much time and attention span and enjoying a veritable glut of content to occupy those precious minutes.

Follow Your Readers’ Eyes

It’s on writers to make sure their content provides the best bang for the buck — or else watch their bounce rates skyrocket as users turn down walls of unbroken text. One way to hack your content for scannability is to structure it in the shape of a capital letter F. Vision tracking studies and content heatmaps show that readers tend to read content across the entire line toward the beginning of a page, then only the first few words on each line as they get closer to the bottom.

How can marketers optimize their content to fit these findings? What other best practices can you follow to improve blog engagement? Read the full article to find out, and tweet us @GarfieldGroup to share your tips on getting readers hooked!