Day One Branding: How Strong Early Marketing Efforts Bring Success

Posted by Garfield

Many early-stage technology companies make the common mistake of underestimating the importance of strong marketing and branding efforts from day one, prioritizing them behind technology, operations, and even sales. This often leads to them missing the window of opportunity to make a strong first impression with potential customers, investors, and employees. These companies end up playing a massive game of catch-up or simply missing the mark altogether.

That’s why we have written an eBook to help early stage companies get it right from the get go. This eBook describes the why and the how of committing to a strong brand and marketing program from day one. Companies that do it the right way at the very beginning are the ones that prosper.

We’ll take you step by step, helping you understand the importance of establishing a brand, to making a business plan, to eventually the creative process. Here’s a quick excerpt from Day One Branding:

“The job of the brand is be the “storyteller” of your business plan and strategy — to summarize, briefly and clearly, why you’re here, and why others should be interested in what you have to say.”

To read more, download our eBook here.