David Saba Talks Data-Driven Storytelling in Philadelphia Business Journal

Posted by Natalie Hornyak

Garfield Director of Public Relations on the Evolution of PR

Managing public relations in the age of big data, 24/7 news coverage, social media saturation, and influencer marketing is not for the faint of heart. After all, the public square has expanded to literal billions of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube users, all of whom direct the conversation around your brand. Meanwhile, the marketing stack towers higher and higher to accommodate these new paradigms. How can contemporary PR pros send the right signal in a world full of noise?

The answer, according to Garfield PR guru David Saba, is part data analysis, part storytelling, and a heaping helping of listening. Read his piece in Philadelphia Business Journal to learn how to create and amplify the right content to fit your brand message — and follow us @GarfieldGroup for even more marketing and PR best practices!