David Saba Joins Garfield

Posted by Larry Garfield

Introducing David Saba, Garfield’s new Director of Public Relations.

Drawn to Garfield’s philosophy of Creating Brand Action and going all-hands-on-deck for clients — helping them break through industry “noise” with bold, differentiated messaging — David is responsible for all PR strategy, oversight, and execution. It’s his job to make sure those efforts properly align with our client’s overall brand identity.

David discovered a love of PR while interning with the sports information team at Purdue, where he graduated with a BA in Communications and Public Relations. Since then, David has gained PR experience in a variety of B2B and B2C industries — from technology to healthcare, consumer products to food management, celebrity PR to crisis management. He’s helped his clients land placement in outlets like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, PC Magazine, and USA Today — just to name a few.

David is excited to bring that depth and breadth of experience to the agency. “Being at Garfield is like joining a baseball team with nine clean-up hitters in the lineup,” he says. “This place is stacked with talent. What’s rare is finding a team where everyone understands the strategy behind the execution — and that’s what I see here at Garfield.”

Off the clock, David’s a proud dad, an avid Philly sports fan, and a vintage video game collector. Don’t challenge him in Tecmo Super Bowl — the score will get ugly.