A Beginner's Guide to Audience Research and Customer Personas

Posted by Natalie Hornyak

Successful marketing strategy begins with a deep understanding of the audience you’re trying to send a message to. The most technologically impressive, visually stunning, and creatively conceived campaign will still fall on deaf ears if it doesn’t satisfy your target user’s needs, wants, and aspirations.

This infographic will give you a high-level overview of how to create a rich, detailed audience persona, from psychographics to understanding the buyer’s journey. These personas should inform all your marketing efforts, from generating leads to nurturing loyal customers.


The anatomy of a persona includes psychographics, aspirations and needs, competitive analysis, insights from data analytics, and understanding both the buyer’s journey and media diet of your target audience.


Turn Audience Research into Slam-Dunk Marketing With Garfield

Armed with this detailed portrait of your target audience, you can begin crafting a marketing strategy to engage, educate, and persuade. Garfield has helped brands in complex industriesfrom technology to healthcare to finance — craft laser-guided strategy to Create Brand Action.

We’ll begin by working with you to determine who you should be reaching, then building out a complete picture of your audience personas. From there, we’ll pair creative concepting with data-driven insights to grow your brand’s awareness, connect to your ideal audience, and turn your message into a driver of revenue.

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