5 Questions with Anne Johnson

Posted by Olivia Lynch

Alexis Sawyer, our Associate Creative Director, sat down with our recent hire – Anne Johnson, our new Content Writer.

Alexis: Who’s your favorite author?

Anne: Oh man, too many! I’m always finding new authors that I love. That being said, the author that I’ve read the most in the past few years is probably Stephen King. He has an uncanny ability to write fully realized characters and put them in situations that are both fantastic and incredibly realistic. They read like sophisticated literature, but they’re pulpy like a guilty pleasure.

Alexis: Digital books or physical books?

Anne: Physical books. I really love the tangibility of physical books — I like to write notes in margins, throw them into my purse — I think if I treated an e-reader the same way I’d go through a lot of e-readers. I also love being able to put physical books on display — they can be a great conversation-starter and, for me, are very trophy-like.

Alexis: What made you decide to major in English and French?

Anne: I think we’re always attracted to learning more about things that we’re already interested in, and both English and French were always fascinating for me. I’ve always loved languages. I was a big reader when I was younger and I really fell in love with analyzing literature and educating myself on really great writers when I started college. French was a happy accident — I’d taken four years of it in high school and college required two more semesters so I figured I’d make it worth my while and make it part of my degree. But being able to communicate in more than one language has been incredibly rewarding — highly recommend!

Alexis: Do you remember the moment you realized you could write?

Anne: Probably when I was a senior in high school. Up until that point, I hadn’t had a lot of creative writing exercises where I really felt challenged. My senior year, I took AP English, which was a great class for learning amazing authors and being exposed to different styles of creative writing — from poems to theses to short stories, etc.

Alexis: How do you get in the writing/creative zone?

Anne: This might be weird, but when I’m on a tight deadline, listening to white noise really helps me to focus. I find both music and dead silence to be a bit distracting, but standard-issue white noise or thunderstorm tracks help me get the most done.

Alexis: Sneaking in one extra question. What do you think of Garfield so far?

Anne: Everyone here is incredibly creative and collaborative. Being surrounded with other creatives is always so good for coming up with new ideas, and the environment has been amazing.