3 Examples of Web UI/UX Design That Inspire Us

Posted by Natalie Hornyak

1. Viacom Inside the Brain of a Fan — Content Marketing Genius.

In content marketing circles, you sometimes hear the phrase “peak content” bandied about. It refers to a veritable saturation of content from all corners of the Internet — all vying for a piece of the “attention economy” — and the importance of truly unique, engaging content to stand out from the fray and differentiate itself as a valuable way for netizens to spend their time.

If we’re talking about unique concepts, brilliant execution, and exquisite follow-through, you can’t get much better than Viacom’s Inside the Brain of a Fan landing page, which we discovered through a Twitter post leveraging intriguing copy that makes it near-impossible not to click through:

Screenshot of a Twitter post promoting Viacom’s “Inside the Brain of a Fan” microsite.

Source: @VbyViacom

Inside the Brain of a Fan is a microsite with MRI imagery showing what happens in the brain when South Park fans watch their beloved show. It's a crazy cool, unique, and engaging concept, executed in a stunningly beautiful landing page that teaches you about fandom, South Park, and a little bit of brain science.

Screenshot of Viacom’s “Inside the Brain of a Fan” microsite.

Source: Viacom, Inside the Brain of a Fan

We don’t want to spoil the experience for anyone who hasn’t visited the page, but we do encourage you to visit Inside the Brain of a Fan to see stunning examples of fast-loading animation, parallax design, and really, really cool content.

But Viacom’s truly unique, creative content is just part of what inspires us — their Twitter ad is pitch perfect, with imagery that captures your attention in a sea of tweets and a CTA we defy you to resist. Remember that content, no matter how good it is, is never “set and forget.” You need to follow through with a sharp promotion strategy to get that content in front of a bigger audience, and social is a powerful vector for awareness.


2. De Correspondent — Long-form journalistic content formatted to perfection.

The driving principle behind De Correspondent is to share in-depth, "slow" reporting instead of the "daily news grind" that often takes a surface-level approach to covering current events. What we love about De Correspondent, though, is the incredible UI/UX design — annotations and external links are shown in-line, inviting you to explore them in greater depth or to hide them if you prefer just reading the article.

Writing engaging long-form content is a well-worn SEO best practice, but getting readers to pay attention long enough to give that content the time of day is no easy feat. Your formatting has to be on point, your writing consistently intriguing — and an innovative UI/UX design strategy like that of De Correspondent gives you a significant advantage in the attention economy. We hope more sites adopt similar designs for more pleasurable, educational reading!


3. [Shameless Self Promotion Ahead] The New & Improved Garfield Website!

We know we’re tootin’ our own horns here, but indulge us — we worked hard on this update, and we’re proud of the results! As with any UI/UX design exercise, we started by putting ourselves in the user’s shoes: what do current and potential clients, prospective employees, and fans of advertising want to see when they visit our site, and how can we make it easy for them to get the content they want?

Screenshot of Garfield’s new website, with an emphasis on great UI/UX design

Check out Garfield’s revamped homepage to see what's new!


One big change we made was making it easier to drill down into each of our services — from branding to web design and development — and case studies, so folks from a variety of industries can vet us and see specific evidence of what we can do for their brands.

Screenshot of Garfield’s new services page, with an emphasis on great UI/UX design

We’ve created a new Garfield services page for an in-depth look at what our agency can do for brands.

What do you think of the new Garfield website, and what else would you like to see from us? Which examples of brilliant UI/UX design have inspired you lately? Let us know by tweeting us @GarfieldGroup!