As the world continues to face an incredible challenge with COVID-19, we at Garfield Group find ourselves hopeful. Hopeful that our local, regional, and national relationships will endure. Hopeful that our global community will pull together. Hopeful that we’ll be back doing the things we love sooner rather than later. 

To be honest, we miss each other. We miss city life. We miss collaborating in a room with nothing but a whiteboard and our brains. But as true citizens of Philadelphia, we miss sports. The NBA playoffs, MLB Opening Day, The US Open, the Champions League soccer. Normally, we’re huddled up talking about them all –– but this year, we wait.

In the meantime, Senior Director of Digital Strategy Mark Willis, has made us all smile and given us a taste of normal (yup, these are the kinds of things Garfielders do in their free time) with his ode to professional soccer and Garfield Group.

Introducing: the 2020 Garfield Group Champions League.

Design FC

The Design team is laser-focused on creating strong and meaningful work – and they do it all with a great sense of flair. They love cutting-edge tools, listen to great music, and (true to form) wear a decent amount of flannel. The dream sponsor: Figma, one of the best front-end design tools and an essential app in the Garfield toolkit.

Atlético Account

The Account team is the beating heart of the agency – always a few steps ahead. They’re pros at making sense of jagged situations and juggling internal and external strategy with grace and dexterity, and doing what it takes for a project to succeed. The dream sponsor: Workamajig (Get those timesheets in!).

Copy United

With Garfield’s home office sitting only a few footsteps from Benjamin Franklin’s residence, it’s quite plausible to think that some of Franklin’s soul and wit guides the work of our copy and content team. From strategic brand campaigns to social media content – our team does it all. The dream sponsor: Google Docs, of course.

Inter PR

Our public relations team is incredible. They have a sixth sense about narrative and storytelling – and they always zero in on the right approach when it comes to raising awareness about the great work our clients do every day. They also enjoy a flare for the dramatic – whether it be a beautiful vista (we’re partial to the one you can experience from our Old City office’s gorgeous deck) or a one-of-a-kind turn of phrase. Cision, an indispensable tool in the PR arsenal, sponsors this crew.

AC Digital Development

For the digital team’s jersey, we have old-school two-tone purple hoops to symbolize consistency and dedication, build after build, bisected by a pixelated sash to bring some modern, digital energy into the mix. The dream sponsor: the best CMS platform in the history of the web, WordPress.