We Are An
idea-provoking, head-turning, problem-solving, story-telling, experience-creating, result-generating, perception-changing

We create and invigorate brands, connecting them to their customers and prospects and driving sales, starting conversations, creating exceptional experiences. From the first hello, and through all marketing and media channels.

We believe that intricate is interesting. We believe in kick-ass creative. And we believe that ideas are the great warriors of the world.

We Create Brand Action.


We combine strategy, creative, and technology in the right way. Bringing together all communication disciplines — branding, public relations, design and digital — we maximize the impact of your investment.


We are relevant yet always unexpected. We tell complex brand stories in simple, elegant ways. We make sure every touch point is meaningful, and creates massive visual impact.


We develop communications as innovative as the brands they represent. Pulling inspiration from the breakthrough ideas our clients bring to market, we create compelling brand experiences that engage audiences across every delivery platform.


We use data as a strategic weapon. We collect, analyze, and activate it to target and educate audiences. We execute programs with a “Fast Company” mentality, building on what we know, evaluating on what we see, and executing on what's coming next.

  • strategy
  • branding
  • pr
  • digital
  • design

  • advertising
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  • content
  • media
Discovery that allows us to understand, at a deep level, the business challenge at hand, as well as the needs, wants and desires of key audiences. Followed by strategy and planning that leads to innovative, integrated communications programs designed to drive measurable results.
Messaging and positioning, followed by creative treatments that bring the brand story to life in simple and compelling ways. Brand architecture and reusable creative building blocks that allow consistency across every touch point and interaction.
Content that engages, educates, and actively turns prospects into customers. Writing and design services that encompass everything from long-form copy, to infographics, eBooks, video, case studies, social media, collateral and sales presentations.
Exceptional digital experiences across every device. Digital strategy and IA, leading to elegant UX and responsive design, moving to development of CMS and marketing automation implementations that drive measurable engagement and conversions.
Earned media and thought leadership programs created with a strategic perspective and focus on measurable audience reach and influence. Including media and analyst relations, social media programs, media training and event management.
Creation of consistent creative brand expressions that work across all media, as well as visually compelling photography, illustration, infographics, and other means of visual storytelling.
Integrated digital and print campaigns that demand attention and drive brand action. All designed around a thought provoking and visually engaging “big idea,” critical in an era when audiences are impossible to reach, naturally skeptical and in total control of the buying process.
Media planning, strategy and buying for digital and print. Including leverage of leading retargeting and programmatic platforms as well as search, social media and targeted vertical publications.

The Group

This is a crew that sticks together

When we’re not hanging out, or working hard for our clients, we find time to work hard for others.

(Featured: our 2014 Day of Service with Habitat for Humanity. You can see the whole story here.

The Heads

Larry Garfield
President, Founder

Larry is the President and Founder of Garfield and brings over 30 years of leadership experience to our clients and our team. Before founding Garfield in 1990, Larry spent 10 years with Young & Rubicam New York and FCB/Philadelphia. Over this time, he has worked with large world-class brands such as IBM, AT&T, Vertex and BEA Systems, and helped challenger brands such as Logic Works, Bluestone Software, Switchboard.com, PrincetonSoftech and CBay Systems grow into category leaders. He has also had extensive experience working with non-profit and social innovation brands such as Opportunity Finance Network, TRF, Capital Impact and Heifer International.

Larry graduated from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in 1982. He has been honored by the American Association of Advertising Agencies and serves on the board of two non-profit organizations. 

In his free time, Larry is active in local sports and community events — and sometimes spends too much time as an amateur-director creating home movies starring his wife and three sons (with one college grad and one in his junior year in college, he and his wife Jennifer are 2/3 of the way to an empty nest). 

Les Brokaw
VP, Operations

Les is the Chief Operations Officer at Garfield and spearheads both our long-term objectives and day-to-day processes.

Prior to joining Garfield, Les was President and Founder of Brokaw Freitas Design Group and Creative Director at Letvan Diccicco Advertising. He specialized in keeping agency projects on schedule while delivering quality work that surpasses industry standards. Les brings over 22 years of experience developing and executing creative strategies for clients.

Les graduated from the Studio School of Art and Design. He is an avid golfer and always enjoys hitting the links, but he’s first in line for spring training when baseball season kicks in.

Matt Pfluger
VP, Strategy

Matt is an 18 year veteran of the advertising industry with deep digital roots. He has expertise in strategic planning, media strategy, web site development, brand communication, mobile marketing, social media, client relations, SEM and Organic Search, analytics, CRM, team leadership, and business development. 

Throughout his career, Matt has amassed experience across numerous industries and verticals including CPG, B2B, Healthcare, Financial Services, Technology and Non-Profits, while working with notable clients such as Shell, Campbell Soup Company, ARAMARK, ING Direct, SunGard, Merck, ESPN, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, IKEA, Microsoft, SAP and Siemens. In fact, Matt helped Campbell's launch their first ever mobile app, Campbell’s Kitchen, for iPhone and Android. Following this success, Matt quickly put his passion for mobile to work for Eli Lilly, helping the organization launch their first mobile-optimized web experience for Cialis. 

When he’s not working, Matt serves as a guest professor and lecturer at many of the areas universities and advertising associations. Matt lives in Bucks County, PA with his wife and three children, and enjoys playing music, cooking and watching baseball.

Bryon Lomas
VP, Creative

Bryon is our Vice President and Creative Director, leading the creative vision for Garfield by inspiring a talented team of designers, art directors, and writers. He’s a firm believer in the power of great creative, and knows that building a brand means building a memorable experience.

For the past 17 years, Bryon has worked on a variety of brands in a variety of verticals, including Johnson & Johnson, William Grant and Sons, Dial for Men, Under Armour, Planet Fitness and Comcast/NBC Universal. Formerly VP, Creative Director at Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners, he brings extensive experience working on brands that not only stand out, but also propel companies forward.

When he’s not at Garfield, he’s enjoying time with his family, running, filming, or just going on adventures. Sometimes all at once.

Alexis Sawyer
Associate Creative Director

Having worked in both corporate and agency environments, Alexis has built a unique perspective. She understands how to work within corporate brand structure while also working in fresh creative. Regardless of the challenge, whether it’s creating a brand voice for a newly formed technology company or modernizing a corporation’s existing identity, she makes sure the end result positions the brand as powerful, innovative presence in the marketplace.

Alexis believes that the best part of her job is the chance to partner with clients to bring their brand and marketing plan to life with crisp language, clear messaging, and impactful design.

Ken Wilsbach
Tech Director

As our Technical Director, Ken leads web development efforts at Garfield Group across a variety of projects, ensuring that each digital experience embodies Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Prior to joining the team at Garfield, Ken spent nearly a decade honing his web development and leadership skills, having helped build sites for brands like Campbell’s Soup, Nutrisystem, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Levi’s, Dockers, and Toys “R” Us. However, Ken’s passion for crafting digital experiences started in childhood, when he spent hours after school tinkering with HTML and JavaScript.

When Ken isn’t at work, he loves spending time with his family and aquascaping — that is, growing ornate gardens inside aquariums. But whether he’s putting the finishing touches on a website or trimming the hygrophila pinnatifida in his underwater garden, the spirit of creativity and invention drives him in everything he does.

The Culture

We are who we are - quirky in our own ways. And we celebrate it.

( unless you’re a Prima Donna or made from Foie Gras, then we’ll kindly escort you to the door )

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